Disclaimer: Consulting services provided through drtracycooper.com are not a substitute for, nor are they intended as, medical advice.  Please see a licensed psychologist/psychiatrist for help with psychotherapeutic interventions and treatment options.  Consulting services can serve as a valuable complement to psychological services and should be viewed as part of an inclusive approach to addressing complex issues.

What I do not do...

What I do...

Areas of Expertise:

  • Career transition/crisis
  • Self-care for the highly sensitive person
  • Personal mentoring/coaching
  • The highly sensitive person (holistically)
  • The high sensation seeking highly sensitive person (holistically)
  • Self-esteem, self-efficacy, and cultivating optimism
  • Work/life integration
  • Self-development through Positive Disintegration


Dr. Ted Zeff:
"I had the pleasure of serving on Tracy's doctoral dissertation committee and  can attest to the fact that he is a competent researcher and an expert on HSPs and careers.  If you are an HSP with any career questions I strongly recommend consulting with Dr. Tracy Cooper."  Dr. Ted Zeff, author of The Power of Sensitivity, The Strong, Sensitive Boy, The Highly Sensitive Person's Survival Guide, and The Highly Sensitive Person's Companion: Daily Exercises for Calming Your Senses in an Overstimulating World.

I provide one on one consulting to highly sensitive people (and high sensation seeking highly sensitive people) in career transition or crisis.  Sessions are conducted via Skype or telephone.

During a typical session, we may go over some background information to establish a basis then move forward with exploring solutions in your most problematic areas of career difficulty.  

All of our lives as HSPs are quite complex thus this process requires some degree of personal reflection on your part.  You will benefit most from my services through a willingness to:

  • be your own change agent.
  • read and reflect on any materials I may suggest.
  • invest an adequate amount of time in any self-care exercises or requests I may suggest.
  • set small goals (that we will arrive at together) and work toward them. 

My goal is to assist you in creating the life that is uniquely suited to your needs as a highly sensitive person or a high sensation seeking highly sensitive person. 

  • provide psychotherapeutic interventions for people in a mental health crisis. Please consult an HSP knowledgeable psychologist, psychiatrist, or licensed counselor for these services. 
  • provide quick, easy answers to complex situations or circumstances.  With patience, we can work through difficult transitions together and arrive at sound, stable, sustainable life choices.

Private consulting

For a one hour private session: $145.

I simply ask that you pay up front for each one hour session. You are free to use the time in lesser blocks such as 20 minute increments.   I will hold the balance in an account and track your usage alerting you when a block of time has been used.  

Student rate: for current college students :  $50