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I am thrilled to announce that my newest book Thrill: The High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person is now available for sale in e-book and print on Amazon!  You may also purchase Thrill through the link to the right.

Thrill is the culmination of several years of exhaustive research exploring this subsegment of the overall highly sensitive population and includes numerous insights and stories from sensitive sensation seekers in the major areas of life, plus personal narratives elucidating their unique, individual experiences.

I'm truly proud of Thrill and hope you enjoy the book and find it helpful in illuminating your journey forward!   


Thrive: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career  print version is also now available on this website, CreateSpace, and Amazon. The Ebook version is available on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and  Barnes and Noble.

I'm extremely proud of this book and humbly present it as the culmination of a multi-year journey to better understand the many issues we HSPs face in finding an appropriate career. Thrive is packed with new research results, compelling narratives from HSPs, and advice that is sure to help you better understand and appreciate how to find a way of being in the world that works for you. 

Thrive is a book written by an HSP for HSPs based on solid, rigorous empirical research.  I am also very pleased that this book includes a foreword written by Dr. Elaine Aron, who is the foremost authority on the personality trait sensory processing sensitivity.   Dr. Aron's endorsement of this work assures you that she has read and approves of this work.